Life insurance is an important policy that could save any future financial problems. For example, accidents are unforeseen and could result in the severe injuries, potentially resulting in inpatient hospitalization expenses and financial problems due to medical expenses. Having the personal life insurance is a great option for you to get complete coverage.  Pre-existing conditions helps you to determine whether you are applicable to be qualified for the Life or health insurance. Of course, it also makes sure that you could easily determine that you pay certain health problems that viewed by the insurer.

Medical Life insurance is a backup coverage that helps you to pay the medical expense for any unfortunate accident. Personal accident insurance brings you to the facility to get the cashless hospitalization at the network of hospitals. Normally, your health insurance is subsided in the form of the Tax exemption under the Section 80D. Medical expenses are skyrocketing and it is convenient to getting the complete medical outlay with the medical insurance coverage.

According to the recent statistics of World Health Organization (WHO) , approximately 47% of the hospital admissions in the rural cities are funded by based on the medical insurance coverage.  Roughly, 70% of the people spend their full income on healthcare and with the purchase of medication. Pre-existing conditions are helpful when diagnosing the medical condition before life insurance benefits go into effect. For example, when the applicant is diagnosed with the high blood pressure, they will have a convenient solution to paying the medical expenses in a much faster way. Since most of the life insurance companies check for pre-existing conditions and the insurers are concerned about the life expectancy.

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